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Every auto accident is different-- and we have the experience to handle them all.  Whether you were hit by a drunk driver or a trucker, we know how to get you the compensation that you deserve...

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Workplace Accidents – More Common Than You Might Think…

Workplace injuries are  all-too-common events. Unfortunately, workers feel pressured to hide or conceal their injuries to prevent termination. Furthermore, not all Texas employers carry workers’ compensation insurance to protect employees. This situation is unique to Texas in that Texas is the only state in the US in which employers do not have to carry workers’ […]

Understanding Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful Death Attorney in Plano, TX Bringing Compassion and Legal Skill to the Aid of Grieving Families A death in the family is always a heartbreaking event. When it is someone else’s fault that your loved one has passed, it is natural to feel guilt and a lot of anger. Due to someone else’s gross […]

Client Testimonials:

I saw two lawyers and both told me that I was better off just taking the offer from my insurance company.  Mr. Vecchio, however, took my case and got me 10 times what the insurance people offered.


I was in a terrible accident and put out of work for four months. I got nowhere with my insurance company.  What they offered me wouldn't even have covered my medical bills.  I had been out of work and was behind on everything.   Joel got me all my medical bills paid, my back wages, and compensation for future medical treatments.  I couldn't have done it on my own, and I am so pleased and grateful to him for all he's done for me!


I got rear-ended by an uninsured motorist.  I had coverage for that. Now, my neighbor told me not to get a lawyer because the legal fees would eat up whatever I could get from the insurance company.  Boy was he wrong.  I spent six months going back and forth and got offered almost nothing from my insurance! Then I hired Mr. Vecchio's firm. In a few months, I had all my medical bills paid, my car repaired, and was back on my feet.  Thanks, Joel!


I've dealt with a bunch of lawyers.  What makes Vecchio different is that he really understands how the insurance companies works. Their the ones you have to wrestle with if you get in an accident and, boy, does Joel and his people know how to fight 'em!  I can't recommend his firm enough.