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Drinking and driving is one of the biggest causes of road-related deaths and injuries in the state. Many people who are involved in  drunk driving accidents suffer serious, life-changing injuries. Sadly, many insurance companies will still try to take advantage of those who are badly injured. That is why you need an experienced drunk driving accident attorney in Plano, TX. An attorney will be able to act as a powerful legal advocate and assist you in navigating your insurance claim. At the law office of Joel M. Vecchio, P.C., we are ready to fight for justice on your behalf. Our drunk driving accident attorney in Plano, TX, offers personal attention, care, and respect during this difficult time.

Why You Need a Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

In most drunk driving accident cases, there is a lack of proper car insurance. The irresponsible drunk driver either lacks enough coverage or has no automobile insurance whatsoever. That leaves the injured parties high and dry, with minimal financial recourse. When you hire a drunk driving accident attorney in Plano, TX, he can use other tactics and utilize other avenues of recovery on your behalf. We can pursue bars and restaurants that may have served alcoholic beverages to already-intoxicated patrons. Because the driver has committed a crime, you may be able to recover even more money by pursuing punitive damages. Our firm has extensive experience in understanding both the criminal and civil sides of DWI cases and is dedicated to making sure you obtain maximum compensation.

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