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Car accidents are the number-one cause of personal injury in the United States. Most people believe that by paying for accident insurance, they don’t have to worry about finances after enduring a traumatic car accident. However, after suffering a car wreck, the insurance company will ask you to sign away your rights in exchange for a small amount of money. You may not even know the extent of your injuries so soon after an accident. That is why you need to speak with an experienced car accident attorney right away. Joel M. Vecchio is a car accident attorney who has dedicated his practice to help Texans who have been injured in accidents. He can help get you necessary funding for medical treatment, lost wages, and more. Do not sign anything for the insurance company without first speaking to Joel M. Vecchio, a trustworthy car accident attorney who will fight for you.

Car Accident Negligence 101

In the majority of automobile accidents, someone is at fault. The law of negligence applies in most cases. Negligence means that one driver failed to use reasonable care or took part in intentionally reckless conduct. If you were recently in an accident, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Was the driver at fault driving too fast or too slow?
  • Was he under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Did he fail to signal or obey traffic signs?
  • Was he on the phone or texting when the accident happened?
  • Was he ticketed?
  • Did he have insurance?

Joel will research all aspects of the accident and determine if further litigation is required to bring your situation to full justice.

Collect Your Compensation

When people think about damages in a car accident case, it is too easy to only consider medical bills. In addition to any injuries that require medical treatment and hospitalization, there is property damage to the vehicle, lost income, and pain and suffering. You (or someone representing you, if you are seriously injured) need to contact Joel M. Vecchio before making any comments to other parties or insurance companies. There are time limitations on filing your lawsuit, so it is crucial that you begin speaking to a licensed car accident attorney today. If you fail to file in time, you risk losing the ability to ever collect your damages.

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