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A death in the family is always a heartbreaking event. When it is someone else’s fault that your loved one has passed, it is natural to feel guilt and a lot of anger. Due to someone else’s gross negligence, your loved one is no longer here. While no amount of money can help with the hurt you feel, monetary compensation can help you with paying medical expenses, funeral costs, and more. In order to get proper compensation, you need to contact a wrongful death attorney right away.

Our Experienced Wrongful Death Attorney Can Assist You

The Law Office of Joel M. Vecchio, P.C. in Plano can help you and your family find closure after such a devastating experience. We know that after a loved one has died, you need a compassionate and experienced wrongful death attorney who will fight for you. Our dedicated attorneys will meet with you frequently, personally answer your legal questions, and do everything we can to guide you smoothly through an otherwise emotionally draining legal process. Joel M. Vecchio will work hard to obtain full compensation and make sure no one else ever has to suffer the same injustice you did.

Texas Wrongful Death Statutes

“Wrongful death” is the legal term for any fatal accident in which someone else is to blame. The guilty party need not have done it intentionally. In fact, almost all wrongful death cases involve unintentional deaths. All that matters is that the guilty party was somehow negligent, creating dangerous conditions that led to the accident. A wrongful death case is different from other personal injury cases because only close relatives (parents, spouses, or children) can file a lawsuit. Although no amount of money can replace the value of a loved one’s life, the victim’s family is still entitled to monetary compensation for both the emotional and financial harm they have suffered.

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